Go: Organic Orchestra

A workshop for musicians who want to LEARN and DEVELOP... the reward will be creative growth and becoming part of in a new music community.

We are looking for musicians who...

... have an open mind
... have interest in the expansion of their musical language and learning new approaches to improvisation
... are at ease with playing their instrument
... are willing to improvise and be conducted, play on cue and follow simple hand signals
... do not need to know how to read western music fluently, but must know their instrument well and be able to play all intervals
... are willing to practice the music materials sent ahead and come to the rehearsals prepared
... are willing to rehearse 3 times, not be late and not miss any rehearsals
... want to learn some new (percussion) rhythms and a new and challenging rhythm concept



A teaching and performance residency for music students and/or professionals.

ANY and ALL music backgrounds are welcome including: Western Classically trained, Jazz players as well as musicians with backgrounds in World music: ( Traditional folk and classical music of all kinds, also African, North African, Indian, Asian etc etc).

ANY and ALL instruments are welcome including students / artists who work in the area of avant improv, laptop, electronics, spoken word) Any MIX of levels and experience is welcome.

One or more guests from the New York based ensemble can assist Adam Rudolph as master teachers and soloists. These include: Graham Haynes - brass, Kenny Wessel - guitars, Ralph Jones - woodwinds, James Hurt - percussion.

More information:

International concerts and residencies from the last four years: Naples, Italy - NaMusica Festival 2012 / Istanbul, Turkey – Eco Fest 2012 / Stockholm, Sweden - Moderna Museet 2012 / Aarhus, Denmark - Royal Danish Conservatory 2012 / California Institute of the Arts 2012 / Palermo, Sicily – Conservatorio Di Musicavincenzo Bellini Palermo 2011 / New York City - Columbia University 2011 / Los Angeles, California - Electric Lodge 2011 / Dartmouth University, New Hampshire 2011 / Istanbul, Turkey – ISCMS 2010 / Naples, Italy - Ensemble Dissonanzen, Is Jazz ensemble 2010 / Copenhagen, Denmark – New Jungle Orchestra 2009 / Kristiansand, Norway – Kristiansand Conservatory 2009 / Danish Jazz Summer Institute 2009 / Sibelius Academy of Tampere, Finland 2008

Link to the 2012 Down Beat CD review of GO ORGANIC ORCHESTRA: http://www.downbeat.com/digitaledition/2012/DB201203/single_page_view/77...
Link to Adam Rudolph bio: http://www.metarecords.com/adam.html

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Centro Cultural Olimpo, Calle 61, Centro, Mérida